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ZE-05f 'Graul'

The ZE-05 was Zerka Arms' entry into the Diversified Close Quarters Combat Trials for the Hoctar Royal Guard. Although not officially adopted by the faction, its price and performance during the trials impressed onlookers and was put into production by Zerka Arms. The saber soon found popularity among private security forces throughout the sector and is now in heavy use in conflicts spanning the system.

ZE-33c 'SOCAR'

The ZE-33 from Zerka Arms is the standard issue laser sword for the Special Operations Command Armada (S.O.C.A.R.) of the Maynar Republic. This saber is guaranteed to function in a variety of planetary and ship environments and is shielded against pattern disruption. This model comes highly recommended for peace keeping forces as well as personal guard units.
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