Meet Our Earth Command Staff!

As the highest ranking Zerka officer stationed in this star system, Captain Lana Lorso serves as Supreme Executive of Earth Operations as well as the Public Relations Liaison Officer for all of Zerka Corp in this sector. With many years of command experience, Captain Lorso is very adept at keeping products and services flowing in a fast and efficient manner. 
Shipping lanes and docking bays are the beating hearts and arteries of trade. Supply chains are vast and complex, but no one manages these vital systems better than Zerka Corp. Lieutenant Junior Grade Daniel Russo is the Logistics and Fulfillment Command Officer keeping it all running in this star system. It is his duty to ensure that your Zerka products get to you quickly and in excellent condition. Not only is he in charge of the docks, he also runs the testing bay to ensure your products meet our high quality standards long before you receive them.
Paramount to any commercial enterprise is customer service and retention. It is not enough to just make a sale. Service after the sale is even more important to the success and longevity of any organization. Petty Officer Stella Blazar serves as our Chief of Operations and Customer Support.  If ever you have a question, concern, or need service, Petty Officer Blazar and her team will be more than happy to assist you.

Zerka Corp was founded with the motto "Live to Serve". It is our goal to make Zerka your favorite vendor of products and services throughout the galaxy. We currently offer our own Zerka products as well as fine products made by outstanding Earth OEM's. We hope our spirit of cooperation and service will foster excellent trade relations all across your planet and we truly wish you will give us the opportunity to serve your needs.