At Zerka, your satisfaction means EVERYTHING to us! We want you to tell everyone you know about how awesome we are and how incredible our service is! The first step to accomplishing that is to provide you with top quality gear at unbelievable prices! 

  • Every saber is tested after assembly  
  • Every saber is tested again by an inspector
  • Every saber is tested AGAIN before it is stocked at our fulfillment facility

Yes, we triple check every saber to ensure you get the best experience possible!

Not only do we triple check the functionality of every saber, we also double check that every box contains the charging cables, set-screws, and accessories you ordered.

To back up our commitment to you, we cover all our combat sabers with a one year warranty against defects in craftmanship or materials (return shipping is your responsibility)! That being said, some parts naturally wear out with combat use, like the blades, and some items wear out after repeated use, like the rechargeable batteries. Dueling damage is not a defect and normal wear and tear is to be expected and is not a defect. However, if you feel these items did not give you the life you expected, please contact us and we'll see what we can do for you! It's super easy to do business with Zerka; if anything goes wrong, you just contact us and let us know. We will then do all we can to make it right!