Zerka Blades

Zerka Blades


Sometimes you just need another blade! From lightning fast Mid Grade blades to amazingly durable Heavy Grade blades, Zerka has the solution for you!

Our blades are the best in the industry, a full 36 inches long, 1 inch wide, and made from Polycarbonate with blade tips that are physically attached to the blade!

Base-Lit Blades:
Each Base-Lit blade contains many rolls of blade film for even light diffusion. We offer both Heavy Grade and Mid Grade blades.

ZeoPixel Blades:
ZeoPixel is the trade name of the Zerka version of what is commonly known as a "NeoPixel blade" in the saber weapons industry. These types of blades are known by many different names, but they are all technologically the same: individually addressable strips of LED's inside the blade capable of amazing visual effects.

The ZeoPixel blade by Zerka Corp is made from Heavy Grade stock to protect your investment. It is compatible with all NeoPixel sabers that use the standard NPXL connector, but with our production efficiency, Zerka Corp is able to bring these blades to you at an amazing price!